Tips for Being Sexcessful While Drinking

Party or don't

Whether you're drinking or not, or having sex or not, you have the right to set boundaries and decide what happens to your body. No one has the right to pressure you to drink, and no one has the right to touch or have sex with you without your consent.

Incapacitation does not equal consent

Sexual activity without consent is sexual assault. Check out our Navigating Consent While Drinking visual.

Get consent before proceeding.

Establishing consent does not give you unlimited access to your partner's body. Remember to keep checking in with your partner(s) to make sure they are okay with what is happening.

Party on with a plan

Make a plan before you drink, and stick to it! You can always change your mind about drinking and/or having sex. Keep checking in with yourself!

Let a friend know where you're going.

Make sure a friend knows where you are and who you're with, especially if you are meeting someone for the first time.

Find the birth control method that works for you.

Some birth control methods, such as IUDs or the implant, are good for spontaneous sex. However, remember that the only birth control method that prevents STIs/HIV is condoms. Find the method that works best for you! 

Keep safe sex products on hand.

Keep safer sex products handy. For example, if you put a condom in your underwear before you go out, it will fall out if and when they come off -- instant reminder to use it!

Make and appointment to get tested.

Know your STI and HIV status by getting yourself tested.

PrEP can reduce your chances of getting HIV.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is daily medicine that can reduce your chance of getting HIV. If you are interested in PrEP, then talk to your healthcare provider.

Friends can help keep you accountable while drinking.

Consider asking a friend to be your wingperson or accountabili-buddy while drinking.

Emergency contraception can be a backup to help prevent pregnancy.

Consider emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy, and PEP to prevent HIV.

Consider How Being Sober Can Make You More Sexcessful

  1. You are more likely to be happy with your decision later.
  2. Sexual functioning is increased. Orgasms are more likely, vaginal dryness is less likely, and penises are more likely to get -- and stay -- erect (i.e., no whiskey dick!).
  3. Having clear judgment allows you to more effectively evaluate any possible consequences.
  4. You might be more likely to discuss STIs (including HIV), birth control, and safer sex practices.
  5. You might be more likely to communicate with your partner(s) about expectations. Do you want a relationship? Do you just want to hang out for the night? Do you want to be friends with benefits? Do you want to be exclusive? It can get complicated!



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Note: UC Davis does not condone sex under the influence, and we are committed to providing honest, accurate health information to students without judgment. We use a data-driven, student-centered approach that emphasizes harm reduction and meeting students where they are.