Defining Fun

Student holding small board that says "my idea of fun knitting with friends"

"Knitting with friends"

Two students holding signs that say "My idea of fun is" with "watching a rom com with my friends"   "Playing with pets!"

"Watching a rom com with my friends" 

"Playing with pets!" 

Student holding small board that says "my idea of fun is doing karaoke with friends"

"Doing Karaoke with friends" 

Two students holding signs that say "My idea of fun is" with "Going places on the weekend with my friends" and "watching Grey's Anatomy with my roommates"

"Going places on the weekend with my friends"

"Watching Grey's Anatomy with my roommates" 

How UC Davis Students Define Fun 

Check out the sections below for alternatives to drinking, and tips for your next gathering if folks will be moderately drinking.

"Having a wild dance party in the dorms" 

"Taking a nap on the grass"  

"Cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and watch a movie" 

"I love reading" 


  • Approximately a third (32.3%) of UC Davis Students do not drink. 
  • The vast majority who do drink, do not binge.
  • Counting only the students who drink, 15.6% binge drink. 


Tips for Small Gatherings with Moderate Drinking  

From Students for Students 

Are you attending a wine night or a kickback with friends? These small gatherings are relatively common and may include moderate drinking. Moderate drinking is defined as having 1 - 2 drinks or less. If you choose to participate in moderate drinking at these events, here are some tips to be safe!

  • Eat a meal before drinking
  • Set yourself a limit before you begin drinking
  • Pace yourself- avoid chugging your drink(s)
  • Dilute you alcoholic drink with ice or a non-alcoholic beverage
  • Alternate your alcoholic drink with water or juice

Ideas for Alcohol-Free Gatherings 

From Students for Students 

  • Watching movies/shows with friends
  • Play games (board games, video games, puzzles, cards, online games like
  • Baking/cooking night with friends
  • Have a movie night with friends at the theaters downtown
  • Play beach volleyball or other sports at locations on/near campus
  • Participate in DIY projects with friends (from instagram: string art, cloud lamp, glitter glasses, vision board)
  • Go for a walk 
  • Bowling at MU
  • Roller Skating 
  • Have a painting night with friends
  • Start a book club with your friends
  • Go to the Farmers Market or Craft and Vintage Fair downtown
  • Pizza making night
  • Hiking, rock climbing (outdoor recreation)
  • Mini golf
  • Have a picnic in the arboretum
  • Trips, classes and clinics with Campus Recreation