Tips and Quotes from UC Davis Students



  • Share baked foods and other yummy food! 
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors if you see them out and about; a positive relationship goes a long way
  • If you are planning a gathering or party, let neighbors know and give them your number.
  • Keep your noise levels down at night and early morning; if your house is loud, close windows and keep guests, music, etc, inside.



"I helped my neighbors with their laundry"

- 3rd year Human Development student

Tips and Quotes from Davis Community Members


Quotes from community members for UC Davis Students 

  • Try to realize that we are not scary, we are just other humans like you
  • We would be thrilled to meet you and talk to you


Good Neighbor Stories 

"I bring over Halloween candy to the student houses so that they have candy to give out if trick-or-treaters visit." 

 - Lecturer, University Writing Program 

"We had students move in a few houses down from us and I took them brownies and said I work on campus and to let us know if they ever needed anything"

- Staff, Student Health and Counseling Services