Mixing Prescriptions with Alcohol


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Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Do you know what happens when you mix alcohol with different substances? Check out our fact sheet below to find out how alcohol interacts with common drug groups.


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You do you

Did you know that over 35% of college students face peer pressure to drink or use drugs? Good friends will respect the decision you make. 

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Prescribed for me, not meant for you

Do you believe prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs even if they're not prescribed to you? Medications are prescribed specifically to an individual, given their medical and physical conditions. It can be harmful to take a medication that was not prescribed to you. 

Find out more about prescription drug use in college students: College Prescription Drug Study 

A Few Tips

  • Use only one drug at a time or use less of each drug
  • If possible, avoid mixing alcohol with other drugs
  • Only take prescriptions that are prescribed to you by a healthcare professional
  • Stay with a buddy who can respond in an emergency situation
  • Call 911 if someone shows signs of slowed breathing, abnormal heart rate, severe confusion, seizures, unconsciousness or any concerning symptoms after mixing more than one substance


UC Davis data and Mixing Fact Sheet

Image of alcohol being mixed with different substances