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Free Options

  • Use a pre-determined designated driver.
  • If you’re in a time crunch, call a friend. Even if you’re waking them up at an unpleasant hour, they’d rather you be safe.
  • Safe Rides: If you’re on campus and have safety concerns, you can call UC Davis Police Department Safe Rides 24/7 and there’s an app for that – TapRide! This service is for traveling from one campus location to another campus location. 
  • Walk, if you are able to and feel safe doing so.
  • Stay over at a friend’s house if you feel safe and if it is okay with them.

Other Options

  • Use a ride-sharing service (such as Lyft or Uber) 
  • Call a taxi. Yes, we know it’s old school, but they might be available more quickly and you can avoid waiting for that surge-priced Uber.