Cannabis can be smoked/inhaled by rolling it or using a pipe, bong, hookah or vape device (not an exhaustive list). Joints, blunts, spliffs, bongs, bubblers, pipes, and vaporizers are all examples of implements used to smoke cannabis. 


Cannabis can be consumed via snacks, candies, drinks, capsules, drops and more.

Edible products are infused with THC/CBD oils. A standard dose is 10mg, but someone using an edible product for the first time should start with 5mg. Edible products are very different from smoking and other forms of cannabis because it takes so long for the effects to kick in. One should always wait at least two hours before eating more.  The effects can begin within 30 minutes to 2 hours after consumption. Additionally, the high progressively increases in intensity and lasts longer than smoking.

Most drops and other ingestible products are cannabis concentrates. These can be used without the side effects of smoking. Some products will contain a THC to CBD ratio. This can be helpful in knowing what to expect, and preventing undesired effects. See the cannabis 101 section to learn about THC and CBD.


Concentrates are extracted cannabis oils that contain a very high percent of THC and/or CBD. Concentrates are often used in vaporizers or added to another type of smoking device. Concentrates can also be infused into food or other ingestible products. Examples include hash oil/honey oil, shatter, dabs, wax or budder. 


Cannabis can also be used topically, in lotions, pads, sprays and more.