Host Checklist

As a host you are responsible for the safety and welfare of your guests. Familiarize yourself with local policies and laws.

New: check out our COVID-19 tips.

Before the Party

  • Let your neighbors know that you’ll be throwing a party and give them contact information so they’ll call a sober host before they call the police.
  • Plan your guest list. Consider using ways other than Facebook to invite friends.
  • For a big event, obtain a Noise Permit Application to the City of Davis so you will have some more leeway in how loud your party can be.
  • Designate sober host(s) to monitor the event and ensure a safe party.
  • Plan to serve water, non-alcoholic drinks and provide snacks for guests, especially for those under 21.

Day of the Party

  • Be an 'upstander' if you're concerned about someone (e.g. they're going home with someone they do not know well or are pressured to drink more than they want). Here are some upstander tips.  
  • Call 911 if your party starts to get out of control. The officers will help you out and a ticket is less likely. 
  • Have one main entrance and close other access routes such as windows to regulate who you want at the party.
  • Close doors to bedrooms and private areas to protect your personal belongings and property.
  • Keep the party people and drinks inside the residence to avoid excess noise.
  • Watch your guests for possible signs of alcohol poisoning and call 911 if you are concerned. Campus policy and California law protect you from repercussions.
  • Make sure your guests get home safely! Remember, as a party host, you’re liable for the actions of people who leave your party intoxicated.
  • Have sober monitors to check ID’s 

After the Party:

  • Clean up any trash surrounding your place and anything that has spilled over to a neighbor’s property.
  • Check in with your neighbors to hear feedback on the party.
  • Get some rest!