Upstander Quiz

Adapted from Jeff Janssen and the DISC © Behavioural Assessment

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  1. I feel most driven by…
    • A) success and leadership 
    • B) social relationships and recognition
    • C) collaboration 
    • D) opportunities to learn 
    • E) inclusivity


  2. In a group, you can find me…
    • A) taking charge and pushing everyone to succeed
    • B) using persuasion and enthusiasm to get the job done
    • C) going with the flow and adjusting to others’ needs and suggestions 
    • D) accepting others’ ideas unless I have something important to contribute 
    • E) taking up the role the group needs at the time 


  3. My friends would best describe me as a…
    • A) go-getter 
    • B) social butterfly 
    • C) peacemaker
    • D) voice of reason 
    • E) problem solver 


  4. I am most bothered by…
    • A) inefficiency 
    • B) pessimism
    • C) conflict 
    • D) carelessness 
    • E) selfishness


  5. When starting an assignment, my approach is to…
    • A) jump right in and get it done
    • B) work with a group
    • C) split it up and work on it over a few days 
    • D) put it off until I have more time to work on it 
    • E) work on it depending on how much time and effort it might need


  6. Something I’m trying to work on is…
    • A) being less competitive
    • B) being more understanding of others 
    • C) not giving in to peer pressure 
    • D) taking more initiative
    • E) being open to new experiences 


  7. In an emergency situation, my first reaction is to…
    • A) intervene directly
    • B) delegate tasks to someone better suited for them 
    • C) follow others’ instructions and check back later 
    • D) create a distraction
    • E) two or more of the above 


  8. When a conflict arises, I like to…
    • A) resolve it as quickly as possible
    • B) find a creative solution
    • C) seek others for guidance
    • D) analyze all solutions and pick the best one
    • E) act as the situation calls for


  9. Sometimes I wish others were more…
    • A) direct and efficient
    • B) friendly and open-minded
    • C) cooperative and patient
    • D) logical and unbiased
    • E) willing to try new things