Tips for Hosting

Tips to Minimize Risk Level when Hosting a Party

  • Serve water, non-alcoholic drinks and provide snacks for guests, especially for those under 21.
  • Think about providing alternative activities for the group; alcohol doesn’t need to be the main event.
  • Be wary of serving alcohol in large, open “punch bowl” type containers; in these situations it would be easy for someone to slip in a drug.
  • If you notice someone appearing very drunk early on, call 911, as they may have been drugged.
  • To protect your personal belongings and property, close bedrooms to guests.
  • Have one main entrance and close other access routes such as windows.
  • If the party gets out of hand, call the police yourself, rather than risk a neighbor reporting you. The officers will help you out! City of Davis Police Department, non-emergency: (530) 747-5400
  • Check IDs* for everyone entering your party, not just UC Davis IDs.
    • Acceptable forms of ID with age information include valid driver license, state-issued ID and U.S. active-duty military ID.

If the Party is Hosted by a Registered Student Organization

  • Designate a risk manager (a member of the organization or advisor) to oversee risk management policies and procedures.
  • Consider hiring professional security staff to assist with:
  • Overseeing the function.
  • Managing uninvited guests.
  • Checking the identification of invited guests.
  • Never promote or sponsor a function where you or your organization may be interpreted as selling alcohol by:

          - Selling drink tickets.

          - Charging for “all you can drink”.

          - Hosting an event in conjunction with a local bar or alcohol distributor.