First Time Drinking?

This information is intended for folks who have made the decision to drink. However, if you've never drank, and are still not sure you want to, it's always okay to wait longer. Only make the decision when you're feeling 100% ready.

Before Drinking

  • Eat a full meal and drink water.
  • Put water by your bedside to encourage hydration before sleeping.
  • Decide how much you want to drink. 1-2 drinks for your first time is always a good idea so that you can see how it feels and there is less risk of overdoing it.

During Drinking

  • Start with a low alcoholic beverage (ex: seltzers).
  • If possible, avoid shots your first time drinking. If you do decide to take shots, alternate between them; avoid taking consecutive shots in a row; have a chase (juice or water) by your side before taking the shot.
  • Drink a cup of water or juice between alcoholic drinks.
  • Wait to see how you feel before drinking more.
  • Avoid drinking games your first time drinking; games make it more difficult to be in control of how much you drink.
  • People may peer pressure you to get drunk or drink more than you intended. Remember that it is okay to say no. Listen to your body and stick to your original limit. It’s okay to not get drunk the first time you drink.

After Drinking

  • Hydrate with water or electrolytes before sleeping.
    • Consider drinking sports drinks that have electrolytes in them to replenish minerals and electrolytes lost while drinking.
  • Drink plenty of water the morning after.
  • Eat food to replenish your body.