Party Goer Checklist

Here's a checklist to keep your night-out fun and safe.

The equivalent to one drink is 12oz. glass of 5% beer, 5oz. glass of 12% wine or a 1.5oz. of 80 proof liquor.

*One drink is a 12 oz. glass of 5% beer, 5 oz. glass of 12% wine or a 1.5 oz. of 80 proof liquor.

Before the Party

  • Eat a full meal containing protein to slow down the absorption rate of alcohol.
  • Set a limit for the party and stick to it. Remember, it is okay to drink just one or two drinks, or to not drink at all.
  • Use the buddy system with your friends.
  • Arrange a safe ride to the party and back home.

At the Party

  • Keep an eye on your drink and your surroundings. Dump out your drink and get a new one if you suspect it has been tampered with.
  • Pace yourself and alternate your drinks with water. (It takes your liver about 1 hour to process each alcoholic drink, depending on your size, food consumed and other factors.)
  • Stick with one type of alcohol. Alternating types of alcohol can make you sicker because of different sugar levels between beer, hard alcohol and wine.
  • Avoid drinking from large containers of mixed drinks, such as jungle juice. With these drinks, it’s difficult to gauge how much alcohol you consume and can lead to too much drinking.
  • Avoid drinking games. It’s hard to judge how much you are drinking.

After the Party

  • Watch out for your intoxicated friends. If any of your friends show even one sign of alcohol poisoning, call 911 and get them the help they need.
  • Make sure you and your friends have a safe ride home.
  • Leave with the friends you came with.
  • If a friend is too intoxicated:

    • Call 911 if they have one or more signs of alcohol poisoning
    • Lay your friend on his or her side to prevent choking
    • Stay with your friend while waiting for help
    • Don’t let your friend “sleep it off”
    • CA-AB 1999 protects persons under 21 from legal repercussions when calling 911 in cases of alcohol poisoning. Learn more about the California Amnesty Law” and the campus Aggies Act
  • Drink water to counteract dehydration and to reduce feeling hungover the next day.