Picnic Day 2017

Downtown Davis Porta Potty Map

  1. Bicycling Hall of Fame, 303 3rd St., just outside of back door
  2. Middle of E Street Plaza, north of parking lot sidewalk.
  3. 303 F St. on F St. side of University of Beer.
  4. Between Enterprise print shop driveway and city lot driveway off of G St.
  5. On E St. sidewalk in front of Haute Again Store at 129 E Street
  6. On concrete public patio next to Hunt Boyer, on E St. just south of 2nd St.
  7. At 604 2nd St. on Hunt Boyer brick landing next to pathway alongside of Mishka’s
  8. Along F Street side of UC Davis Bookstore between curb and sidewalk. Just south of 2nd Street.
  9. On public plaza next to Village Bakery 2nd St. at H Street.
  10. In G Street Plaza under light pole, backed up to tree and planter with art rail name sign “Untitled 1996”
  11. Next to outdoor patio of Tres Hermanas at 805 Second St. just off of H Street alley
  12. 726 2nd Street next to Froggy’s along G Street sidewalk.
  13. In Helmus Optometrist parking lot 353 2nd St.

Safety Enhancement Zone

Fines Doubled

The Safe Party Initiative

The Safe Party Initiative is a collaborative effort between the City of Davis and the University of California, Davis and is endorsed by the Davis Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Group. This initiative was supported by the Prevention Research Center, with funding from the National Institutes for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

Whether you're a "party thrower" or a "party goer," we have tips on reducing the risks of alcohol-related problems (personal and legal) as well as tips on how to keep your party from ending on a low note.


  • Check out our Red Watch Band Program here.

  • What kind of drinker are you? Create your own night out here.

eCHECKUP TO GO - How much does your drinking cost you?

UC Davis students can take the eCHECKUP TO GO self assessment. A quick survey will compare your alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs consumption and compare it to other students at UC Davis! The survey even evaluates students’ alcohol caloric consumption, estimates of your BAC when drinking, approximates how much you spend on alcohol and offers many new ways to look at personal risk patterns and wellness. Learn more about your consumption habits by taking the survey!