Red Watch Band Program

Every Second Counts

Become a campus leader equipped with the skills to step up, care for your fellow Aggies and potentially save a life.

The Red Watch Band (RWB) program at UC Davis empowers students to make decisions, take actions and care for their peers during time-sensitive critical moments. This workshop encompasses a hands-only CPR training, and a student-centered upstander training with an emphasis on alcohol-related situations. Each student who is trained to be an upstander and perform hands-only CPR can play a significant role in establishing community and trust on campus.

More information about UC Davis Red Watch Band:

  • Promotes student empowerment and involvement 
  • Addresses college drinking culture with discussion
  • Provides students with skills and knowledge to prevent deaths


Upstander workshop: free 

Hands-only CPR: free 

More Information

The Red Watch Band program originated at Stony Brook University in 2009, for more information and frequently asked questions, visit

For questions specifically regarding UC Davis’ RWB program, please contact