UC Davis Policies

As a UCD student, you should be aware of the University’s regulations that affect party hosts, organizers and attendees.

Student Responsibilities and Conduct Standards

Students are expected to comply with the general law, University policies and campus regulations.

Student Responsibilities and Conduct Standards

Alcohol Use on Campus

UC Davis strives to maintain a campus free from the illegal use, possession or distribution of controlled substances. Manufacture, sale, distribution, dispensation, possession or use of alcohol and controlled substances by University students and employees on University property, at official University functions or on University business is prohibited except as permitted by law, University policy and campus regulations.

All state laws regarding alcohol and drug use apply on campus, as it is not a sanctuary from state law. All drugs made illegal by state and federal law are also prohibited by University policy.

Off-Campus Jurisdiction of Student Judicial Affairs (SJA)

SJA may exercise jurisdiction over student conduct, even when the student is off-campus, in situations involving actions that threaten the health and safety of members of the campus community or other individuals.

Off-Campus Jurisdiction Policy (PDF)

Registered Student Organization Conduct

Registered student organizations may be held accountable for the actions of their members on campus and off campus. Student organization officers should be fully aware of campus policies, local ordinances and state laws.

Policies for Student Organizaions

Principles of Community

The Principles of Community describes UC Davis's campus values, aspirations, and expectations for community and individual behavior.

Principles of Community

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You may not think that hosting a social event can lead to civil, legal and criminal consequences for you, but it can. It is your responsibility to inform yourself about your potential liabilities.