Open Container Ordinance (City of Davis)

The City of Davis Open Container Ordinance states that no one can consume or possess an open container of alcohol in certain locations. The fine is $238. These locations are:

  • Public rights of way (streets, sidewalks, bike paths, greenbelts, alleys, parking lots open to the public, etc.)
  • If you are 21 or older, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a BAC of .08 or higher.
  • Central Park (401 C St.)
  • Cedar Park (626 K St.)
  • Oxford Circle Park (505 Oxford Circle)
  • Chestnut Park (1020 Chestnut Ln.)
  • N Street Park (567 N St.)
  • In parking lots of locations that sell closed containers of alcohol (such as grocery or convenience stores)
  • In parking lots of private apartment complexes, if signs are posted
  • Within 600 feet of school property, when school or school functions are in session, prior and one hour after

You can obtain a permit if you want to hold an event at a place where the open container ordinance applies. Permits for groups with 10 or less people take up to 3 business days and costs $11 while groups with more than 10 people will take up to 16 business days and cost $30. This is a streamlined permit process, so you can submit one form (and one fee) to cover additional permits such as alcohol, noise, and street use. The application is available on the City of Davis Police Department website.

Visit the City of Davis website for more information about the Open Container Ordinance (chapter 26.04) and detailed maps outlining all the areas where the Open Container Ordinance applies.