Noise Violations (City of Davis)

We all know that when the excitement and fun starts at a party it can get really loud fast.

Plan Ahead and Get a Noise Permit

You are required to have a noise permit if you have amplified sound at any indoor or outdoor event and/or have over 100 people attending. Make sure to apply at least 16 days prior to your event. You can download a noise permit from

If Your Party “Runs Wild”

Say your party animal guests get out of hand and you are left with out any control. What to do? An effective option is to call 911 to have the police come stop a riot from occurring at your house. They’d rather respond to a call from you than a call from your neighbors, and it is better than getting fined and losing your security deposit from party damage.

You may be thinking, “Who cares? I’m going to have the crazy party I always wanted and deal with the consequences later.” These are the penalties you may face if you receive a noise citation:

  • First time offender: $238 fee
  • Offender does not pay in time: additional $300 fee
  • Repeat offenders: $300 (three offenses in one year can score you a misdemeanor)

Noise violations can be given to more than one resident of the house or apartment. Visit the Davis Municipal Code on Noise Regulations for more information: