Safe Party Initiative: A brief history

The Safe Party Initiative was developed to reduce problems related to college student drinking at parties in the Davis community. The initiative focuses on creating safer party environments by building a closer sense of community between students and neighbors, promoting safety at parties and increasing enforcement of alcohol-related laws and policies. This initiative is a collaborative effort between the City of Davis and the University of California, Davis.

The initiative arose from an initial five-year, $6.9 million study of alcohol-related problems at 14 California universities, funded by the National Institute for Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse (NIAAA). UC Davis was one of seven intervention campuses asked by the Prevention Research Center to develop a coordinated campus community strategy for reducing high-risk drinking and the problems it creates. The research project aimed to reduce violence, property damage, injury and car crashes that result from high-risk drinking and out-of-control parties. The study concluded in 2006 and funding continued through 2012.

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine article Alcohol Risk Management in College Settings: The Safer California Universities Randomized Trial summarizes the efficacy of this approach in significantly reducing intoxication at off-campus parties and bars/restaurants.

Safe Party Initiative Components

The Safe Party Initiative began and is maintained with three major components:

  • Social Responsibility Practices – Informing party goers and party throwers about state and local policies and laws, distributing emergency and transportation phone numbers, and using media and community education strategies.

  • Neighborhood Community-building Practices – Creating and expanding neighborhood networks to improve communications and relations among student and non-student neighbors, setting a community expectation of responsible partying and encouraging participation in community building interventions.

  • Law Enforcement Practices – Conducting joint and individual patrols by City of Davis and UC Davis police officers to ensure neighborhood and traffic safety through enforcement of DUI, minor in possession and other alcohol use-related laws and ordinances.


This website is hosted and maintained by UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services in collaboration with campus and community partners. The Safe Party Initiative would not have been possible without our supporters: UC Davis Police Department, City of Davis Police Department, Campus Recreation and Unions, Center for Resources Advocacy and Education (CARE), Student Housing, Student Support and Judicial Affairs, and Office of Government and Community Relations.